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what drives me

All around I see compositions of colour, texture and shape.  I am easily distracted and find joy in the littlest of things. I am deeply moved by music, love sorting things and adore my daughter with all my being.​


In 2000, I migrated from the prairies with my newly minted ACAD BFA in hand—to the sunny Okanagan valley where I work as a graphic designer.​

artist statement

​There are two main streams to my artwork: one is emotionally-driven, exploring memory and relationships; the other concerns looking and being. 

memory | relationships

Working mostly with handmade paper and beeswax, I dive into the amorphous realm of memory—of how memories live within our bodies, sometimes surfacing viscerally as emotional forces and physical sensations. I’m also interested in the often-conflicting relationship of the inner and outer selves, and the psychological upheaval that intimate relationships—both familial and romantic—can cause.

Life is a tangled mess of emotions and memories and experiences, and rarely are any of these all good nor all bad. When our happiness becomes overshadowed with heartbreak; expectations with disappointment; love with judgement and rejection; pleasure with violence; lust with disgust; and trust with betrayal, our experience becomes confused and conflicted. It is the somatic sensation of experiencing these dichotomous emotions simultaneously that drive my work. 


Through drawing and photography, I strive to capture details of an object or environment that might otherwise be overlooked. In drawing, this process is meditative—it's simply about taking time to stop moving and thinking, and just look. Sometimes I draw simply to make something pleasingly frivolous, as a counterpart to the oftentimes serious and grotesque sculptural works.


Margo Yacheshyn, Designer, Artist

Kelowna, BC, Canada

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